Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

How to Turn Off Autoplay to Prevent Virus Infection

Of course your particular computer technology users are already familiar with something called a virus. We have a lot of virus and its variants are each time trying to reproduce themselves by doubling itself automatically without us knowing then how do I prevent it? one way to prevent it is to turn off autoplay on your computer so that when there is flash or disc into your computer computer you are not directly affected because the autorun which brought visu. How to disable aoutoplay on your computer is easy even for beginners.

Here is one of the steps you can do

1. Click the Start menu and on the "run" write "gpedit.msc" or if you are windows 7 you can write it on the search menu in start menu

2. After that will appear below this bleak view, and which one to choose is the administrative templates> system>
Then the image will appear as follows:

3. To the right you can double-click Turn off autoplay or you can right click> properties are like the picture above

4. Once you do that then you check the radio button labeled "enable" then at the bottom of the combobox you select for all drives

With the action set above the autorun which is carried by flash or disc will not directly run on your windows

Hopefully with the above tutorial you can better protect your PC from virus problems that interfere with :)

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